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Honor where Honor is Due

Chuck Schmalzried is a Veteran of the United State’s Air Force and Ohio National Guard. He is passionate about sharing stories of those who give their all to protect and preserve freedom.

Chuck Schmalzried is a Veteran of the United State’s Air Force. He served active duty in Operation Desert Storm, with a military career running from 1986-1992. After an honorable discharge, he entered into the Ohio National Guard, where he served until 1998. As a Veteran of the United State’s military, Chuck knows well the self-sacrifice it takes to preserve and protect the freedom we experience in this great country. But Chuck’s time in the military didn’t just help prepare him for his future career; it also helped shape him into a man. As the Co-Owner of Michelle Construction, Chuck is proud to know that his time in the military was helped to benefit both him and the people around him so much.

Because of his time in the military, Chuck is passionate about shining a light on the true heroes of our world – the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces to protect and preserve our freedom. Far too often, the world is consumed by celebrity gossip, who’s wearing what, and what new Summer blockbuster is just around the corner. But Chuck Schmalzried, well acquainted with the personal tenacity it takes to succeed in the military, knows that people should pay honor where honor is due – and seldom does a career possess more honor than to sacrificially give of oneself to protect the innocent.

In addition to his love for this great country, Chuck has made a name for himself in the home-building and construction agency. Starting under the mentorship of a skilled-carpenter in high school, Chuck pursued this passion throughout his teenage years, picking it up again after he exited the military. In 1998, he entered into home-building full-time with his father. Eventually, this passion of his led him to become the Co-Owner of Michelle Construction. Here, is proud to have teamed up with his extremely talented partner – Michelle (Micky) as they craft homes from beginning to end with a modern yet timeless appeal.

Chuck Schmalzried’s favorite part about what he gets to do is the opportunity it allows him to form meaningful relationships and impact people’s lives in a positive way. Similar to his time in the Air Force, Chuck loves to help people and make their lives better – even if it requires a bit of hard work on his part. Living out the motto “homes over houses,” Chuck and Micky enjoy building a home that people can grow in and make their own, creating lifelong memories they will cherish forever.

As an entrepreneur in his own right within the home-building and construction industry, Chuck Schmalzried is also passionate about helping people take their personal passions and transform them into their professional careers.

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