Cornell University prides itself on its programs that embrace military veterans. One such program is the Veterans Summer Bridge Program. Through this program and its veterans association, Cornell University provides veterans a chance to earn an education that makes a difference, not only in the lives of veterans but to society overall.


The Veterans Summer Bridge Program

So, what exactly is the Veterans Summer Bridge Program? It’s a program that supports qualifying veterans showing initiative and leadership as they pursue higher education and a degree from Cornell University. The program is open to veterans that are transfer or first-time students.

Once approved for the program, the veteran enrolls in a six week summer semester to complete three credit-bearing classes that are tuition-free. As for the classes, one class focuses on critical thinking, effective learning, and college success. The other two classes will be chosen from within the student’s accepting college.

Along with these courses, the student will participate in community building activities provided by the Cornell University Veterans Association. This opportunity will allow the student to become part of the community at Cornell University and furthers the spirit of community that a veteran is familiar with.


Alexandra Kemp and the Veterans Summer Bridge Program

If you’re looking for an example of the success of the Veterans Summer Bridge Program, then you need to take a look at Alexandra Kemp.

After having to leave the military after 13 years of service in the Navy due to illness, Kemp applied to Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and was accepted. In addition, she was also accepted to participate in the Veterans Summer Bridge Program.

When speaking about her experience, Kemp considers the Summer Bridge Program a key to her success at Cornell. It provided a foundation that she built upon throughout her time at Cornell. It also provided her with leadership opportunities in her role as Secretary of the Veterans Association.


Kemp’s Hope for Veterans

Kemp promotes Cornell and its Summer Bridge Program to other veterans. She believes that veterans can and should go to college once leaving the military. She also believes that the Veterans Summer Bridge Program helps veterans turn that hope into a reality.