While Veterans from various branches continue to give back to their communities, citizens across the country are also finding ways to support them. There are a variety of veteran-friendly organizations that can help them get involved and receive charitable support.

When choosing a charity, you want to make sure that it is trustworthy and properly uses its money. CharityWatch is an organization that monitors how charitable organizations spend their money. The percentage of funds that go to charitable causes is a good measure of transparency.

  K9s for Warriors

One of our favorite organizations for Veterans is K9s For Warriors, which pairs military veterans with service dogs. These animals help them manage their PTSD and other mental health issues. Many of the dogs used by the organization have been rescued from high-kill shelters. They are then given a second chance at life through their service.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund

Being a military veteran can be very challenging, especially for those who have been injured. Not only are they dealing with the physical and emotional wounds that they have suffered, but they also have to navigate the recovery process. The organization that is dedicated to helping these individuals, America’s Fund, provides a variety of services that are designed to help them manage their recovery. 

The Fisher House Foundation

Getting the proper housing is one of the most important factors that military veterans must consider when dealing with their health issues. Unfortunately, many veterans don’t have the financial means to pay for the accommodations they need. The Fisher House Foundation can help them find a place to stay.

The organization operates several comfort homes near VA and military health centers worldwide. While meals are not provided, the organization depends on the generosity of its volunteers to give the families meals. The Fisher House Foundation also helps by providing hotel accommodations and airline miles for those traveling.

Wounded Warriors Family Support

After serving, military veterans suffering from psychological and physical issues can turn to the Wounded Warrior Family Support initiative for help. This non-profit organization provides various programs and services to help these individuals and their families. While most veterans charities are focused on the country’s heroes, injuries to these individuals’ families can also affect them.

WWFS provides various programs that help strengthen the bond between military families. Some of these include giving travel accommodations, training to find a job, and equipping wounded warriors with custom vehicles that provide them with independence and freedom.

Gary Sinise Foundation

One of the most prominent organizations dedicated to helping military veterans is the Gary Sinise Foundation. Through its R.I.S.E. program, which provides mortgage-free homes to heroes, the organization aims to help these individuals overcome the challenges that they have faced while serving in the military. The organization also operates a Resiliency & Relief program that allows veterans to manage their psychological and emotional issues.