Many veterans suffer from various mental health conditions, such as PTSD and depression. These conditions can make it hard for them to transition back into the civilian world and affect their relationships and careers. Fortunately, numerous charities are working to help improve the mental health conditions of former military members.

Many organizations provide support services to veterans, including direct clinical care, crisis hotlines, and service animals. In addition, you can contribute to various charitable groups that focus on helping those suffering from mental health issues. 

Headstrong Project: Evidenced-Based, Trauma-Focused Treatment

In 2012, three veterans, Dave Petrucco, Zach Iscol, and Al Rabil, established the Headstrong Project, which provides mental health care to military personnel and former service members. The organization now offers these services for free to everyone. The organization works with veterans who are at risk of experiencing mental health issues by providing them with therapy-based services. They can contact the organization’s Veterans Crisis Line to connect with a counselor who creates an individual action plan based on their needs. All of the therapists and clinicians working for the Headstrong Project are trained in the treatment of PTSD. 

Combat Stress: Mental Health Support for Veterans

Combat Stress was established in 1919 by philanthropists who believed soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress could be helped. Since then, the charity has provided mental health services to thousands of former military members yearly. The organization has established various support services to help veterans cope with their mental health issues, such as a 24-hour toll-free phone line, email, and texting. It also offers treatment programs that allow former military members to receive care at its facilities.

Through its peer support groups, the organization aims to connect veterans with other individuals who understand their experiences. It also provides online resources that help veterans address various mental health issues, such as PTSD and depression. 

Cohen Veterans Network: High-Quality Mental Health Care

The Cohen Veterans Network was established in 2016 by Steven Cohen, who was inspired to help former military members suffering from mental health issues after his son served in the Marines. The organization now offers mental health care to former military members at its facilities nationwide. The Cohen Veterans Network can provide its members with high-quality mental health care through its facilities. It also works with insurance companies to help those who cannot afford to pay for their treatment. The organization’s clinics offer a variety of treatment methods for different mental health conditions.