Although you may already be aware of the various advantages of hiring military veterans, you may not know how to utilize this population fully. According to data, these individuals are more dedicated to their work and productive than their non-veteran counterparts.

Many people are interested in learning more about how to hire veterans to turn to books, articles, and conferences for guidance. Although these ideas can help you improve your company’s performance, you may need a more competitive advantage in today’s market. So, instead of following legal advice, you should search for new ways to be different and get a leg up in the competition.

There are a variety of ways to improve your hiring efforts for military veterans. Whether you are just starting out or already have a robust plan, these suggestions will help you succeed. 

Update your job descriptions

Only include years of experience or academic degrees in your job descriptions as requirements for the position. Many veterans have the necessary skills and experiences to fill the role.

Before you start implementing these guidelines, it’s important that you first ask yourself why the requirements for the position dictate a certain amount of experience or a master’s degree.

Look at vets’ transferable skills

According to a recent study conducted by the RAND Corporation, about half of military members are planning on leaving their current military positions and working in the civilian sector. The organization has been studying the transferability of skills between military and civilian jobs.

Don’t overlook military spouses

Being able to hire military veterans can help you stand out from the crowd. They’ll know that you’re a good place to work if you care for military families. You can also include the spouses of current service members in your workforce.

The under-utilization of the talent pool of military spouses is largely due to their lifestyle demands. They often rely on networks within the military to find employment.

 Utilize your customer support team

Your company’s reputation can affect how others perceive it. To improve the image of your brand, establish a dedicated team that’s made up of military veterans or spouses. They can help customers understand complicated military terms and provide other special treatment.

Focus on retention

Despite the various advantages of hiring military veterans, many companies fail to retain them in their positions. According to data from LinkedIn, although veterans have a higher turnover rate than non-veterans, their rate drops significantly once they’re with the company for longer.