As a veteran, you may face a daunting decision when starting a business. The most common questions people ask when it comes to starting a company are what industry to choose and how to approach it.

To help you navigate the various options, we have compiled a list of five ideal business models for veterans. These are the ones that promise to bring out the best in you.


Building a franchise might be a good idea if you are a motivated individual with a passion for fitness. However, finding people with the necessary references can be challenging.

In addition to being able to train other people, working as a certified fitness instructor can also be a great opportunity for veterans. This is because there are numerous resources that you can use to start and run a successful fitness business.

Veterans can also provide valuable advice and insight. In order to establish a successful business, you should ask around the community for help.

Mobile App

The rapid growth of the mobile app industry has prompted many people to start learning about coding and mobile apps. If you are passionate about this field, then start by learning how to create apps for Android or iOS.

Today, there are no more IT infrastructure requirements that you have to worry about when it comes to building and running an app. Thanks to the availability of cloud-based services, such as the container registry, apps can run without any disruption.

Even if you have limited coding knowledge, you can still create a mobile app. The key to building a successful app is the idea. Although Steve Jobs was not an engineer or a coder, he was able to create an empire in the IT industry. Developing an app is simple: develop a concept, then work with developers to bring it to life.

Tour Guide

Veterans are used to being outdoors, which is why they are often the ideal candidates for tour guides. Although you may not have thought about this idea, your skills and knowledge make you a perfect candidate for any tour company.

There are many opportunities in this industry, and one of them is camping and hiking. You can start a business that provides unique experiences that help people connect with nature, such as setting up camp and learning how to survive in the wilderness. There is a wide range of great places to visit in the states, making it easy to choose the ideal ones.

You can also start a business that provides 4×4 vehicle tours in the wilderness. If you have been in the military for a long time, you know how to drive these vehicles. This is an excellent opportunity for veterans because they can earn a living while having fun.


One of the most popular ways to earn money while having fun is by blogging. This is a great way for people who are passionate about writing about topics that they are interested in. In addition to writing about topics you are passionate about, you can also turn your blog into a money-making machine by adding affiliate links.

Although these are some of the exciting and fun business ideas that are available for veterans, it is important to keep in mind that these opportunities only cover some of the possible options. Conduct comprehensive research on all potential business ventures you can pursue.