The military provides highly skilled and educated individuals, which is why so many companies clamor for them. After a career in the military, veterans have many opportunities to pursue a civilian career. There are certain types of jobs that are ideal for veterans with no college degrees and those that blend their experience with what they’re passionate about. Here are some of the best post-military jobs for veterans:

 Health Care Provider

A healthcare provider is one of the veterans of the most rewarding profession they can pursue after serving their country. Similar to how military service members were treated during their time in the military, healthcare professionals are expected to perform their duties in a way that’s very similar to their daily lives.

Due to the increasing number of people aging and the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers is expected to rise significantly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country will need over 500,000 more nurses by 2022. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for veterans looking to pursue a rewarding and stable career in healthcare. Nurses typically earn around $65,000, but those specializing in their field can earn over $100,000.

Manufacturing Technician

Although the term manufacturing technician is commonly used to refer to factory workers, this job requires a lot of knowledge and skill to perform its duties. In modern manufacturing facilities, technicians work with various complex electronic and robotic systems to ensure that production runs smoothly.

Although manufacturing technicians typically earn a low salary, after a few years of working, they can expect to see significant raises. In addition, by going back to school, they can improve their skills and earn degrees that will allow them to take on more managerial positions. 

Information Technology Professional

The technological advancement of the military has led to many veterans leaving the service with extensive IT experience. This field is diverse, with many individuals working in it as software developers and system administrators.

The field is expected to grow even further, so there will be plenty of opportunities for veterans interested in this career. IT workers can expect to earn around six figures annually. 

Human Services Representative

The HR department is responsible for ensuring that every company employee is aware of their role in the organization. This group of professionals also hires and fires employees, develops and enforces policies, and keeps the company running smoothly. A typical HR representative can expect to start at around $60,000, while an experienced worker can earn around $90,000.

Sales Managers

As a sales manager, you are responsible for overseeing the performance of other sales professionals and ensuring that the company’s goals are met. This job requires strong leadership skills that veterans can develop from their military experience. Although sales managers come from different backgrounds, most companies prefer individuals with military experience.