Serving in the military is a challenging task. The challenges of war have led to a massive chunk of disabled veterans. The plight of these disabled veterans is often overlooked. In a bid to help disabled veterans, the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust was formed. This organization has been around for a century. It has been rated by Charity Navigator as being among the top charity organizations. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) primary goal is to improve disabled veterans’ lives. Here are details regarding the benefits associated with DAV programs.


Career support is one of the benefits that is associated with DAV. DAV aims to have disabled veterans successfully penetrate the job market. To achieve that, the organization has taken the approach of sponsoring career fairs. DAV organizes career talks across the country. Besides, they run employment programs that link veterans with employers. Family members of these veterans actively looking for work also benefit. Another benefit associated with DAV is assisting veterans with the benefits claims process. It is a daunting task for veterans to claim their benefits and get compensated. DAV has invested in employing claims specialists. These specialists assist disabled veterans in filing claims forms. Moreover, they help veterans by representing them to the VA. There is a higher success rate of getting compensated when you have a claims specialist.


Disabled Veterans also gain through the representation of their interests to congress. DAV reviews all legislation that touches on the lives of disabled veterans. They actively advocate for changes and amendments whenever necessary. For instance, through their advocacy in 2019, 4 illnesses were included in the agent orange presumptive diseases. Vietnam veterans who had suffered these illnesses were able to receive their compensation.


Also, DAV offers transportation services to disabled veterans. They have partnered with carmakers who donate vehicles to them. Using the cars, DAV transports disabled veterans to medical facilities. Becoming a DAV member has no complications. You only need to pass their eligibility requirements. For instance, a veteran must prove that they served in the military when there was war. Also, you must show that you suffered from disability, illness, or wounds as a result of your service. Persons who have been dishonorably discharged are not eligible to join the DAV.