Numerous automakers love to express their gratitude to military servicemen as well as their household members by providing special discounts on their cars. Automakers offer military benefits both domestically and abroad. If you are a former or active duty trooper, the following are current discounts available.




Reservists and active military members receive a significant discount from Subaru. Retirees and veterans who buy a vehicle within a year of their separation date are also eligible for discounts. A $500 discount on the military personnel’s agreed-upon price is also available. In addition, any applicable cash bonuses will lower the price even further.




Members of the Reserves, Active Duty and Retired Military are all eligible. They must have been in service for at least two decades. Veterans must also have recently left the reserve or active duty service within the last two years. The Nissan Military Program would save them $500, and it can be combined with established regional and national incentives.




Retirees, household members, active-duty soldiers, inactive reservists, and veterans released within twenty-four months are eligible for a $500 discount on qualified Toyota vehicles.


Harley Davidson


Harley Davidson offers a military discount to active-duty troopers. Flexible term options, zero down payment, and lower rates are among the discounts available.


General Motors


Their discount program allows qualified participants to buy or lease vehicles at a reduced price from a participating dealer. They should confirm prior to purchasing because vehicle eligibility can sometimes change.




Their Military Appreciation program is open to both current and former military personnel and household members. Discounts are good for both leasing and buying a Lincoln or Ford that meets the requirements.




BMW is a special initiative tailored for US military personnel stationed abroad. Warranty, huge savings, and VAT-free purchases are all included in this package.




Volvo provides a variety of incentives to military personnel serving abroad. This includes free shipping for five years to the United States, free maintenance for three years, and a four-year global warranty.


Military Autosource


Military AutoSource provides exclusive military discounts and rewards and the cheapest price guarantee and exclusive lender financing options. The new vehicle can be either delivered to the United States or where the military personnel is currently stationed overseas.