Military is known as armed forces and heavily guarded, highly systematic force generally meant for warfare. It is usually officially recognized and supported by a sovereign state. Following are some of the organizations that support military families.

Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA)

Formed in 1861 during the civil war in the United States, ASYMCA has 12 branches, 200 program centers, and 93 military installations nationally. Programs and services are at a minimal cost or free for junior military troops and families’. No membership is required. The troops are in different armed services such as Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps. YMCA is the oldest organization working with the Department of Defense. The programs offered include hospital assistance, food services, childcare, holiday meals, computer training classes, and much more.

Blue Star Families

Blue Star has been in existence since 2009. Formed by military spouses, the primary objective was to empower military families to survive as they serve. Their dedication is to unify military families by associating them with the general public to effectuate spirited citizens of mutual support. They raise awareness to the public through innovative research about different quandaries of military family life. Blue Star Families help troops triumph over the separation and detachment of constant moves, disposition, and diminished support from the government with the neighbors’ assistance nationwide. It supports over 1.5 million families by providing free services, resources, and opportunities making life more endurable.

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

Freedom Alliance was formed in 1990 by two Vietnam veterans. In July 1990, a war took place, and the organization instated Operation Homefront. It organized volunteers to fabricate and consign care packages to the troops. Each box had unique items to palliate boredom and resist desert heat. It provides services to wounded members, military families, and veterans. The organization supports children-troops with college scholarships. The purpose of the organization is to make the nation experience enthusiasm by supporting troops.

Military Families United

Military Families United is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. Their mission is to support troops and their families as well as Honor the fallen. It collaborates with Blue Star, Gold Star, Veterans, Patriotic American, and Next of Kin families who apprehend military troops. It provides different services, events, and programs to prove that Americans will not forget troops’ sacrifices.

These are a few of the organizations that support military troops. Please support the organizations as the troops ensure that the nation is safe.