According to the Census Bureau, over one in ten businesses in the U.S. are owned by military veterans. While these individuals are often referred to as great employees, they are also incredibly valuable to the development of their own businesses. This is largely due to many of the skills they learned through their time of service that benefit their career as an entrepreneur.

Ability to Make Sacrifices

Regardless of whether or not an entrepreneur ultimately succeeds, sacrifice is always a part of their journey. Whether they’re successful or not, they may have to give up some of their personal comforts to maintain their businesses.

During their time in the military, many veterans had to sacrifice their personal lives. Some were stationed far away from their loved ones, while others had to relocate frequently. When it comes to starting a new business, these individuals are ready to give up some of their comforts to help their enterprises grow, especially as they have experience with doing so in the past. This can help them ultimately become more successful, especially as some other individuals might not want to make the sacrifices that are needed in business.


One of the most important factors that entrepreneurs need to consider when it comes to establishing their businesses is staying focused on their tasks. Unlike some professionals, who tend to get distracted by various tasks and activities, entrepreneurs are expected to maintain high levels of discipline. One of the most common qualities that people think of when it comes to military veterans is discipline. This discipline can help them become more productive and create faster-growing businesses, as their attention will be on their company and its success.

Geared Towards Teamwork

Having the ability to work with a team is important to growing any business. This skill can help an entrepreneur expand their operations and avoid getting distracted by other tasks.

Teamwork is a core part of military culture, and veterans have an advantage when it comes to starting and operating a business that requires teamwork. This type of community-minded attitude can help an entrepreneur build strong relationships with their team members and encourage higher levels of performance.

These are just some of the many characteristics that former military members have when it comes to starting and operating a business. Having the necessary skills and experiences can help an entrepreneur turn their ideas into successful businesses that thrive for the foreseeable future.