Veterans Affairs provides a free ID card that can be used to prove their status at various locations.

In 2015, Congress ordered a free ID card for veterans, which can be used to show proof of service at any establishment. It’s available for everyone regardless of their service history.

Unfortunately, most veterans’ only proof of service is a VA-issued ID card. This means they need the necessary documents to get personal benefits.

How To Get Veterans ID Cards?

The process for getting a Veterans ID Card is relatively easy. Creating an account and entering your service details takes about 15 minutes. You can also upload a photo of your DD-214 if you have one.

Why Get The VA ID Card?

Since many states allow people to show their veteran status on their driver’s licenses, getting another card is no longer necessary to prove it.

The card is easy to read and can be used to show your veteran status at any establishment. Also, unlike other types of IDs, the VA card doesn’t display personal information such as your address and age.

Aside from federal benefits, many states also provide various perks and benefits to veterans. These include tax breaks, discounted recreational activities, and hiring preferences.

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Here are two other types of veterans cards that can be used to show you are a veteran at all times:

Department of Defense Identification Card

The Department of Defense’s identification card is used to show one’s military status and get in touch with the services available at military bases. It can also be used to get discounts at various establishments. Veterans don’t have to present another type of photo ID to get these discounts.

Veteran Health Identification Card

When you’re a VA healthcare system patient, you will be issued a Veterans Health Identification Card, allowing you to check in to your medical appointments and get discounts at various stores and restaurants. You don’t have to show another type of ID to avail of these discounts.