According to 2015 statistics, that are more than 18 million military veterans living in the United States. Many veterans may not realize that there are scores of podcasts hosted by other veterans for the enjoyment of their comrades. The shows encompass a wide range of topics that include comedy performances, fitness, and self-improvement tips, as well as individual war stories.


American Heroes Network

The AHN broadcasts one-hour shows on a weekly basis that commemorate heroes in addition to providing information related to helping U.S. Veterans. Topics of discussion include assisting injured veterans and their families with housing, scholarships, and more.


Jocko Podcast

Former Navy SEALs Echo Charles and Jocko Willink host the show that helps veterans adapt to civilian life. Topics of interest include self-discipline, winning in business, everyday life, and relationships.


Guard the Guardians

The regular broadcast of this podcast is designed to help active and former military veterans, first responders, and their families live a higher quality of life. The wide range of topics discussed includes health, finances, relationships, and trauma. Other subjects have included military-related topics and readjusting to life as a civilian.



This popular show is hosted by former Army Ranger and Green Beret Jack Murphy and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb. The broadcasts often feature interviews with members of the military, intelligence operatives, and special operations members. The variety of topics discussed includes everything from politics and terrorism to warfare.


Military History

The popular podcast covers a wide range of interesting subjects that may include unusual anecdotes and the latest military technological developments, as well as legends and warriors from the ancient world. Other topics include military history from around the world, advancements in military medicine, and Medal of Honor recipients.


Drinkin’ Bros.

Jarred Taylor, Mat Best, Ross Patterson and Vincent Vargas offer a light-hearted podcast that covers current events, news, sports topics and the latest in movies.


Mind of the Warrior

The podcasts are hosted by MMA fight physician and former Special Forces Operator Mike Simpson. Topics of discussion cover a wide range of topics from emergency medicine to the latest movie reviews. Self-improvement subjects are geared to enable veterans to implement a warrior mindset in order to achieve success in many aspects of daily life.