Nick Baucom knew what he wanted to do. He served in the U.S. military as a Marine from 2002 to 2008. By the time he was discharged, he had earned the rank of Sergeant. Following his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Nick found he had become somewhat aimless. At this point, he’d followed his intuition and served six honorable years, but outside of the military, he wasn’t sure of his own goals or drive.


In the interim between his service and his next venture, Nick was often asked by friends and colleagues to help them in the transition from one residence to another. One of the most common comments he received reflected gratefulness that a good, strong Marine had been able to assist them. Nick had no problems helping them move, but after some time, he realized that he didn’t want to continue providing his aid for just beer and pizza.


It was these experiences that led Nick to found Two Marines Moving, a business dedicated to providing excellent customer service while helping individuals move.


Before founding the company, Nick realized that he had a knack for organizing relocations, and he was skilled at loading trucks, orchestrating necessary rentals, and managing the logistics side of things. Because of this experience and Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit, he realized that he could make a business out of his strengths.


In addition to promoting great service, Two Marines Moving is also devoted to hiring veterans. Since its inception, Two Marines Moving has employed thousands of veterans; the flexible hours, advancement opportunities, and culture of the company attracts these individuals. Nick has made a point of giving back to his fellow veterans by prioritizing their employment and granting them career opportunities.


Of course, as a Sergeant, Nick has high expectations for his employees. Marines, he says, are accustomed to hard work, and compared to what they experienced while serving active duty, moving furniture is easy. Still, Nick values his employees and shows this by paying his employees more than competitors. Nick also gives back each year by donating at least $100,000 to organizations that support veterans.


On November 10, 2018, Two Marines Moving celebrated its tenth anniversary. The date of its establishment is also the same date that the Marine Corps was founded in 1775. Nick has created and managed a successful company while adhering to his values and promoting the appreciation and value of his fellow veterans.