Ticketmaster and Live Nation recognize the importance of the men and women who have bravely sacrificed and served in the Armed Forces. To do this, they have created “Hero Nation,” a group aimed at building a community within their organization and helping veterans advance their career through networking, training, and education. One of the beneficiaries of Hero Nation is US Navy Veteran, Elizabeth Edison.


Edison served in the US Navy from 1999 until 2007 as an E-5 Information Systems Technician. Launching her military career on the west coast at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Elizabeth was responsible for knowing what was going on with the Pacific Fleet as well as quickly and accurately relaying that information back to headquarters in Washington, D.C. She served at the station that was responsible for notifying the nation’s capital of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. She would go on to serve with other west coast bases in communication and camera technologies, striving to capture and relay needed information across the military.


Elizabeth found her way to Live Nation rather unexpectedly. She had been laid off from her role as an IT supervisor with an oil and gas company and had given up hope in finding work back in Houston. While visiting with some extended family in Honolulu, she and her family decided to try to find work in Hawaii and make it their new home. At the end of that trip, she received a phone call from Live Nation to discuss a job that she hadn’t even applied for. The recruiter on the other end of the phone had found her profile on LinkedIn and decided that she was a good match for an opening that they were looking to fill.


Now serving as the Chapter Leader for Hero Nation Houston, Elizabeth gets to not only continue to work in IT, she gets to lead the sub-community of veterans who call Live Nation their home. She is able to continue to develop the family comradery that is found when you’re serving in the Armed Forces. She was drawn to Live Nation by their family atmosphere and continues to love being part of the team for the same reason.