While growing up, three brothers vowed to own a business together. As they matured into adulthood, the three would endure trials that brought hardship and tragedy. Yet decades later, the dream finally became a reality.


The first of the family’s tragedies involved brother, Jimmy. Jimmy Quinn graduated from college and gained employment at the Wall Street Firm known as Cantor Fitzgerald. His World Trade Center office was three floors over the location where the airliner struck on 9/11. Quinn was one of 658 employees who lost their lives on that fateful day.


Joe Quinn was a cadet at West Point when the September 11 attacks occurred. Following graduation, he joined the Army and finished a tour in Afghanistan and two in Iraq. As a West Point graduate, he was a lieutenant when he entered the service. Before his 10-year military career ended, Quinn was promoted to the rank of captain.


At home, Michael Quinn reminisced about the stories he heard concerning the popularity of Feltman’s hot dogs. German immigrant Charles Feltman established the business in 1867 by selling the dogs from a cart on Coney Island. He became so successful that he opened a restaurant in Brooklyn in 1923. He planned on expanding his business. But the restaurant closed in 1954.


After Joe came home, he struggled with transitioning back to civilian life. He then discovered the Headstrong Project. The organization offers free services to war veterans suffering from mental health issues. Joe got the help he desperately needed. Today, he is the executive director of the veteran-owned company.


Joe and Michael determined that their brother Jimmy and Feltman’s hot dogs should be remembered. The two brothers joined forces and brought the historic business back to life. Today, they sell Feltman hot dogs nationwide. By working with the Headstrong Project and owning a business, the former Army officer also has the chance to hire veterans.


Starting and operating a business can be a frustrating experience. For veterans, the challenges might become overwhelming. However, Google has developed the Grow With Google program that offers training and workshops for veterans desiring to venture into small business. The company has also partnered with Bunker Labs, Patriot Boot Camp, and Veteran Capital to develop mentoring programs for veterans.