Growing up, Mike Steadman lived in a single-parent home. Fortunately, there were male role models in his neighborhood who he could look up to and learn from. Whether it was at the barbershop or in the classroom, he was always keen to learn more from these individuals. Two men stood out to him as positive influences, both of whom served in the Armed Forces.

After attending the Naval Academy Preparatory School, Steadman pursued his education at the Naval Academy. He then joined the US Marine Corps. He would eventually become an Infantry Officer.

Throughout his military career, he had the opportunity to travel to various countries such as Afghanistan, Japan, and the Philippines. His time of service in Afghanistan has a particular hold on him, as he feels proud of the combined work it took to get everyone out. Being in a leadership position during this time was also a special feeling, as it allowed him to lead and motivate his team. Despite the challenges that he faced, he was still able to accomplish the mission that he was sent out to do.

Before his military career ended, Captain Steadman served his country for ten years. During this time, he also excelled in boxing. He was a childhood fan of Muhammad Ali, and he would go on to win multiple national titles in the sport. He felt a connection with the boxing greats due to his association with the sport.

Besides Ali, he also has a strong connection with the older icons of boxing. Some of the notable individuals he admired included Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis. His passion for fitness and boxing has remained with him ever since.

Through his military service and his passion for boxing, Steadman was able to make the transition into the business world. He currently runs IRONBOUND Media and IRONBOUND Boxing Academy, which are both in Newark, New Jersey. The gym that he owns, which houses his boxing academy, serves a vital purpose.

Through boxing, he has been able to reach out to the youth in his community, and it has been able to teach them valuable life lessons. In Mike’s eyes, boxing is a great way to help these young individuals become better individuals.

Mike is also the host of several podcasts, one of which is for Bunker Labs, a veteran-focused organization that helps military spouses and veterans become entrepreneurs. Through these shows, he has been able to connect with other individuals who are looking to excel after their service.

During his time in the military, he was taught to embrace responsibility and extreme ownership. He also said that the military taught him to help his team and rally around a common cause. He has stuck to these ideals throughout his post-military career and hopes to inspire other veterans to use these hard-earned lessons for good.

Mike’s work in the boxing and podcasting worlds has made a huge impact on the lives of many people. He is grateful to be in a position where he can pay tribute to the individuals who helped him.