November 11th is a day that is dedicated to honoring those who have served the country. It is different from Memorial Day, which is a day that is dedicated to remembering those who died in service.

This day is a great opportunity for civilians to learn about the sacrifices made by the members of the military. However, there are various ways to support these faithful members of our community outside of this dedicated holiday. Continue reading to find some inspiring ways to support these heroes.

Support Businesses Owned By Veterans

Every community has a veteran-owned business. Google makes it easier for people to find these establishments through their My Business profile, which usually has a “Veteran-Led” note. You can also ask friends about these businesses or use veteran-owned directories. Bringing your money to these businesses and investing in what they are doing helps support these veterans, whether they have been home for decades or have recently returned from serving. By actively increasing their customer base, you are helping invest in their well-being and post-service goals.

Donate or Volunteer

There are many organizations that provide support to veterans in need. You can make a monetary donation to these organizations to help those who have been wounded or are struggling with the effects of service. Outside of donating money, there are also various volunteering opportunities you can take advantage of. This can also allow you to connect with veterans and serve them directly, hearing stories from them personally and being able to show your gratitude face-to-face.

Create Cards or Videos

This year, start gathering the names of the people who have served the country and send them a thank you card. You can also make a tradition of sending these cards every year or throughout the year. Sending a welcome gift to a veteran or deployed service member doesn’t have to be time-consuming but can make such a difference in their lives. This act of kindness can make their adjustment to civilian life much easier, as they will feel seen and appreciated for their years of service.

As you seek to support veterans in your community, remember that a small act of kindness can go a long way. Your recognition of their service, especially at a time of year when they least expect it, can help them feel appreciated and seen.